Enzymatic Synthesis #1 for ENZYME

I’ve just released ‘Enzymatic Synthesis #1′ sound bank for ENZYME soft-synth by Humanoid Sound Systems.

Enzymatic Synthesis 1
Enzymatic Synthesis 1

50 Unique presets to enrich your music with Textured, Complex, Organic, Rich sounds and bring Epic, Mysterious and Sensual touch to any musical project. Based in a wide range from soft and misty (Noosphere) to crisp and bright (Scanned Clavinet) these sounds will fit well in the mix.
Suggested genres are Ambient, New Age, Cosmic, Experimental… but you never know where your imagination will lead you when you’re playing with the Enzymatic Synthesis !

50 presets: Atmospheric (6), Guitars (5), Keyboards (11), Leads (9), Organs (5), Pads (7), Strings (4), Vocal (3)
(probably I’ll add a list of presets here as well)

Check out its page at Humanoid Sound Systems